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Are Our Minds Broken?

As Thomas Selfridge lay with his skull fractured, dying, Orville Wright was not only witnessing the death of his dear friend but the birth of a new, unintended invention – the airplane crash. The flying machine experiment that moments before soared above an eager crowd had lost power and turned head-first to the ground. The […]

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The Responsibilities of Cinema

Within that aura which unites masterpieces and audience, the best sides of our souls are made known, and we long for them to be freed. In those moments we recognise and discover ourselves, the unfathomable depths of our own potential, and the furthest reaches of our emotions. Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time pp43 How can […]

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Dear Readers, There are moral repercussions to all acts of violence. Art that depicts realistic violence and deliberately omits the moral dimension of the act, is dehumanising and wrong. Two recent examples come to mind. The first is ‘Underbelly’ – a TV series based on real-life criminals who wrought violence and misery on the Australian East-coast. The […]

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